Modular High-Tech Watch: a Toolkit for the Wrist Is Block

Wearables are to make life easier for us. Starting with the data glasses, which show us the important information in the field of view about fitness wristbands, which daily count our steps up to headphones, the ear measuring our heartbeat.
The most feature-rich, unauffälligsten representative in this area are Smartwatches. Here also the developers of block place and introduced an exciting and innovative concept for the first modular Smartwatch.

Block: A Smartwatch for every age

Not so long ago, the first prototype was presented by Google’s modular Smartphone project ‘Ara’. Also the Smartwatch Blocks to work exactly according to this principle. There are only three basic modules, which include display, processor, and a Bluetooth interface. The remaining components are all included in different, interchangeable links. Thus, each user can individually adjust its clock.

Block: The kit for the wrist

The particularity of the Smartwatch is mainly that she can be adapted at any time in any situation. An example of this is the narrow display component with the E-Ink display is equipped with heart rate monitor, motion tool and GPS Tracker morning for the morning exercise, to have all important functions of sports on the wrist.
Arrived back home, switch on the large colour display. The sports chain be replaced by NFC chip, microphone and battery for the long workday. The chain links not using any tool need to be changed, but simply are connected together with a 3.5 mm plug contributes to simplicity also.

Block: All in one, one for all

At the moment, a concept with up to 20 different parts is intended. They should cover the entire spectrum of mobile features. No matter whether for fitness, work or travel, it always the appropriate links available?
As the operating system, Samsung’s Tizen should come into play so that the clock not only in the Android ecosystem can be used. That would go against the principle of blocks. So, much wider mass can reach the Smartwatch, if it’s ready for mass production, with Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows phone to communicate, and thus one.

Block: The Smartwatch for individualists

For the Smartwatch, also a low power E-Ink display and a streamlined, elegant, circular display should be available alongside the regular square screen. Also, each block to it, so the links will be called, customizable by different colored casings. These will then be sold in a wide variety of colors and materials so that each user style his own can achieve.

Block: With Intel’s knowledge one step ahead

Block’s team also cooperates with the chip maker Intel and gets access to the knowledge database for mobile processors from Intel. This can mean an enormous advantage over all other kick starters in the expensive and lengthy development. All in all seems to be well placed the blocks project for the future, and it remains to be seen when at last the first modular Smartwatch will be available on homosociety.  (mko)