Modular Blocks Smartwatch

One of the most innovative promises in personal technology is Ara , a project that was born with Phonebloks  and is due to be released early next year. It is a modular smartphone, with hardware parts that connect to a larger card and allow you to create the perfect device for each user. Thus, it is not necessary to change equipment every year, only to update the parts that you think necessary, resulting in saving money and less garbage in the world.

The idea is bold and, like any good idea, has already begun to bear fruit. We are talking about Blocks , a smartwatch project that, like Ara, is modular. And, if it’s a concept as new as wearables, the appeal of the modular is even greater: it seems that every month we see smartwatches with some novelty in stores. Instead of being jealous of the novelty of the little friend’s wrist, it is only a matter of exchanging a piece of yours.

The parts correspond to the various features that a smartwatch can have, such as GPS, thermometer, motion and heart rate sensor, SIM card, battery, storage and so many others. They form the smartwatch bracelet and connect via P2. There are also three different screen models to choose from.

Or rather, there will be, since Blocks is still in development. The latest prototype took eight months to get ready, but has already yielded an investment of $ 50,000 from Inteland the team, initially of 4 people, already has 16 professionals. Now the focus is on developing software. The operating system used by the modular smartwatch will be based on Tizen and it will be compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Regarding launch forecast, the site promises that the first units will be shipped later this year. To be one of the first and break in helping wearable development, you can get a membership, which works like a Aberdeensavings of the sports smartwatches: it costs $ 50, which are slaughtered of the final value of the watch and also entitle to choose an exclusive color for your.

Meanwhile, it has a promotional video that illustrates well the concept and possibility of final design of the product. Would you use?