Misfit Phase: “Hybrid Smartwatch” Presented for 179 Euro

The American manufacturer of Misfit, which had so far mainly fitness Tracker offer, now brings a first “hybrid Smartwatch” on the market. The analog clock with smart features 179 euros and will be available from early November in this country.

With Ray, misfit already showed that it is possible to build a fitness tracker which doesn’t look at first glance like such. The now featured analog clock misfit phase packed the smart functions in an once again more inconspicuous design, which is based on the housing made of stainless steel. Multiple sensors which record including the sleep and the movement of the user were housed in this. As the misfit phase is waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters, it should be also possible to use them for swimming tracking.

Notification LED built

As the most popular fitness Tracker, of course the misfit can inform phase notifications incoming on the Smartphone via Bluetooth-related. Will be use a undergo notification LED, which can be consulted on request also the vibration motor. Taxes can be also with the keys installed on the side, that different functions can be the Smartphone. Including a pause of the music or triggering the Smartphone camera are possible.

In Germany the misfit is phase expected to be available in early November at a price of 179 euros. Than 6 different color variations are available options. On request, it will be possible to finally replace the supplied strap through any with a width of 20 mm after the purchase.