Michel Herbelin Watches Review

Michel Herbelin offers a vast selection of watches, distributed in twenty collections. So that you can better find your way around its different categories, we have organized our guide to introduce you to the most beautiful models of Herbelin watches for man and woman.

The entire range of timepieces Michel Herbelin is distributed in the following collections: Michel Herbelin Newport Grand Sport, Newport Yacht Club, City, metropolis, Embassy, Odyssey, legacy, classic, Epsilon, hitch, Equinox, 5th Avenue, Salambo, Cables, Antares, getaway, Kharge, pearls, Luna, Veglione and Strella.

The universe of watches Michel Herbelin Homme

Several styles of watches for men are offered by the watchmaker Herbelin. For mens dive watches, you can check out the collection of watches Herbelin Newport Trophy Grand Sport. These watches are made of steel, with a marked design of dive watch and a black bezel.

The supply of watch heart Michel Herbelin mens lies probably in the collection Newport Yacht Club. There are Herbelin automatic watches, as well as the chronographs. The timepiece in the range also have a style very assertive, with for example the ocean blue dials or Golden bracelets. This collection celebrates its 25 years and Michel Herbelin offers this opportunity of limited editions of very interesting watches.

For a classic watch Michel Herbelin, we recommend that you consult the collections metropolis and Embassy of the French watchmaker. You will find models with sleek white dials and bracelets in black or brown leather. It is also in these collections that he must seek Herbelin watches not expensive and at low prices.

Finally, if you want a more original shows, the range Herbelin Odyssey offers very surprising in decagonal format watches.

The universe of watches Michel Herbelin Femme

Michel Herbelin French luxury watches are also available for women. They are a large part of the range Herbelin, as it is not always easy to find the model that suits you. You will find below the main lines of watches Michel Herbelin Womens.

Sports watches are available in the Newport Grand Sport collection, with diving watches. Michel Herbelin offers watches with dials decorated with diamonds, with steel or white leather bracelets.

A women’s watches classic is the collection of Cables Herbelin watches. These small watches are very original with their braided steel cable bracelets, inspired by the famous Golden Gate of San Francisco.

Watches Michel Herbelin for woman in the more traditional style are gathered in the 5th Avenue and Art Deco collections. You will find watches with box steel and leather strap. The edges of the dial are sometimes Golden, to bring a touch of extra elegance to these timepieces of exceptions, like smart watch phones, offered at low prices.