Michael Kors Launches Luxury Smartwatch

There are many brands to bet on smart watches. Possibly in preparation for a new update to Android Wear software, brands are following the trend of new technologies and presenting their new models.

Michael Kors has entered this race and has now introduced his new luxury model.

A new line of smartwatches called “The Access” was launched on the market. The luxury goods brand Michael Kors presented at this year’s Baselworld his smart luxury watches.

These new smartwatches feature metal, leather and silicone wristbands that will be interchangeable. The watch line The Access will have Android Wear as software and will hover around $ 395.

Although the specifications of these new watches are not known, it will have a light sensor to adjust the brightness of the screen automatically and is expected to consist of 512 MB of RAM and 4GB of available space. It is still expected to have some music applications for its users.

It will be a smartwatch that will please any technology lover who has a more exquisite taste. The watch line will be launched with a lady watch, gold with metal bracelet but also with a more sporty and casual looking man watch.

Michael Kors will have these new models available in stores as early as September this year with values starting at $ 395.The brand launches itself in the world of intelligent clocks. This event is giving more and more reason to the studies that show the growth of these products in the world market.