Michael Kors Access Smartwatches Now in Germany Available

The Smartwatch models presented in the context of BASELWORLD 2016 access Bradshaw and access Dylan of the company of Michael Kors can now be purchased in Germany. The two wearables are however relatively expensive with a price of €349.

More and more companies in the fashion industry begin to offer their own Smartwatches. The fossil Q Series models, now also the first products from Michael Kors on the market make it. While the Michael Kors access Bradshaw is aimed with its gold or rosé gold casing on the female clients, you want to attract men with the access Dylan, what one uses a robust-looking design including plastic bracelet. This is either in black or blue therefore and is combined with a black, silver or golden body.

Facilities of the Michael Kors access

Viewed from the technical side combine the two Smartwatches the Michael Kors access series current equipment. So, for example, the energy-efficient Snapdragon wear is 2100 installed as processor which was presented at the beginning of the year. When the display is on a panel with 320 x 290 pixels, which is absolutely sufficient, some of the potential buyers however could disrupt the bezel on the bottom. At least it keeps him in a color suitable for the respective model, which has caused Motorola clearly worse in the 360.

For the German market, Michael Kors puts Christian at the beginning of an exclusive distribution partnership with the retail chain. In their online store, the Android wear-based models can Michael Kors access Bradshaw and Michael Kors access Dylan ab bought immediately for 349 euro will, also they are likely to be available in many of the branches.