Meizu Mix, a New Chinese Smart Watch

This manufacturer is perhaps not so well known as the previous two, but it is a mark of prestige in his country, China.

The Asian manufacturer is going to offer to the market the Meizu Mix. A watch smart with system operating own (without Android Wear), that rather seems a watch conventional of needles, with some functions of wearable.

Unknown if will carry sensors, or that type of notifications will appear on this elegant watch. If we know, that the battery life will be approximately eight months.

So who seek a clock of long duration with regard to battery, and that has a nice design. It can be a device to consider.

Ticwatch 2, a clock different possible substitute of the Apple Watch


Have been countless watches that have appeared with the aim of being “the replacement” of the Apple clock.

In this case we have a clock manufactured by the company Mobvoy, which thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, they have already raised more than $ 1.5 million.

The Ticwatch 2 has an own operating system, which makes it compatible with Android and iOS phones.

Among its features main features with screen OLED of 1.4 inches and 400 x 400 of resolution. Different sensors, among which are found heart rate monitor, GPS, Wi-Fi. And ability to use it as a hands-free, thanks to your microphone and speaker.

You can get two models, aluminium and steel. One of their strong points, will also be the possibility of Exchange easily between different belts.

Expected that this intelligent clock may appear on September, although we do not know that availability will be in countries like Spain.

Pokemon Go Plus

Although this device has nothing to do with the previous ones, is a reality that Pokemon Go Plus bracelet will have thousands of buyers around the world.

Therefore, we want to inform that this wearable not appear on the market until the month of September. One of the reasons of the delay (since is expected for June), can be the high demand of buyers.

If you want to know more about the bracelet that serves to catch Pokemon without your phone, check out this article.