Mac Leaks Details on Performance and Apple Watch Battery

Something that we are hoping many of the Apple Watch It is, above its price, your specifications. Tim Cook said we will charge it every day, but how many hours will last exactly the battery? And how often will your processor? Sources of 9to5Mac have had access to what Apple want to get.

Apparently, Apple has chosen to sacrifice something of drums in favor of placing a higher quality display and a more powerful processor than almost equals the A5 processor present in the iPhone 4S. This, along with a simplified version of iOS with the codename SkyHill, will allow the interface to flow at 60 frames per second.

It will be very fair, but it seems that Apple Watch will last us a workday

The price: a battery that will last 2.5 hours in intensive applications and 3.5 hours in “standard” applications. When we use the clock to quantify our physical activity, we arrive at 4 hours of use. But do not worry, we are speaking of applications in which the screen is switched on. And most of time the clock will be with the off screen, reason why Apple expected to last about 19 hours.

One last fact is that apparently, the magnetic charger Apple has been designed to feed the Watch It should be done in less time. Perhaps, as discussed in the source, they have decided to leave the improvements that can be developed for the second generation of the clock.

Remember: all this is information that Apple has not confirmed and so it is not no much less official. We hope to have more reliable data as soon as the date of the launch of the Apple Watch is closer.