LYW9 Buy: Smartwatch with Smartphone Features on Offer

Today we show you a Smartwatch which would pass as a standalone Smartphone. It is cheap and offers all the important features you would want in a Smartwatch.


The LYW9 is a Smartwatch 1.3 inches in screen size. To find 240 × 240 pixels square. The Smartwatch comes with 32 MB of RAM and 128 MB of Flash memory. You can insert a SIM card, so that the clock is not completely screwed, if the linked Android Smartphone is out of range.

As regards the functions, so you can pair the Smartwatch on a Smartphone. She can then receive calls or make, show messages, play music. Also a heart rate monitor was installed, she recalls getting up and sleep can be observed. Continue to measures the preceding steps.

The battery is specified with 300 mAh by the power-saving connection via Bluetooth 3.0 that should do it for a few days in standby mode. The screen is by the way around. The design is suitable for all groups of people. So you’re always on the safe side, because seriously the Smartwatch looks also.

Buy for less than 30 euros

The LYW9 is currently on sale at Gearbest . You can order it at a cost of around 27 euros.