LG Watch Sports (Smartwatch) Price, Release and Data

Power Smartwatch by LG and Google


Of the new Google Smartwatches the LG watch is the exciting sport. Although the clock is only slightly larger than the LG watch style, looks but still similar to elegant as the LG watch style. Both come with the promising Android wear 2.0, while the sports watch but integrates the stronger hardware.

LG watch sport with strong hardware

With the launch of the LG watch sports and style confirm many of the specs, Google and LG the already Gel Act in January have been. The information about the processor’s new us however: In the body of the LG watch sport (as also in the style) can be found the extra fast Snapdragon 2100 CPU. Paired she uses memory – 4 GB what is now but quite common on the Smartwatch market. A different house number is because the memory: 768 MB RAM, which could show the LG watch a real workhorse.

LG too also with the sensors: in addition to the usual Bluetooth sensor the LG watch waiting for sports with GPS, NFC, and a Wi-Fi interface. NFC means one thing above all: the LG watch is the convenient payment system Android pay can implement. Also the sports sensors can be seen: in addition to the usual acceleration sensor also a pulse sensor, a Gyrometers and a barometer can be found in the watch. These all sensors must fit on the wrist but also somehow – the LG watch sport is therefore relatively thick and but little chunky than the Casio WSD-F10. And large the LG watch sounds like sports quite a device, with the top ranked Samsung gear S3 or Apple Watch series 2 could keep up with.

Android wear 2.0: Smooth operator?

Perhaps the greatest strength of Android wear 2.0 is that it runs independently from your Smartphone. So is almost just as seamless to operate the clock with an iPhone like with an Android Smartphone. In the new version of the Smartwatch operating system, Google will also simplify the design and adds new features. So, as the Google is directly integrated in Android wear 2.0 Wizard. Apps directly from the clock can also be on the new LG watch download – in the previous version of Android wear this worked only with the help of a Smartphone.

Google’s new Smartwatch: unfortunately not (yet) in Germany

A small Downer, however, is the availability: at the moment, it looks as if the LG watch sports and the LG watch style not to Germany. LG and Google indicate that the clever clocks only in nine States is sold unfortunately belongs not to which the Federal Republic. Should however go in the United States or the United Kingdom on the Smartwatch purchase, you will find it. In the United States costs the LG watch style 249 dollars, while you have to pay $ 349 for the LG watch sports.