LG G Watch Review

Let you view notifications, activate phone functions and others; the older models (like the first Moto 360 or LG G Watch) are not supported for now; It requires an iPhone 5 or higher.

Google today announced that Android Wear watches (intelligent platform watches Google) will now work with the iPhone, as had advanced multiple rumors in recent times.

To use them you need to install on the iPhone a new application (Android Wear for iOS), which will link an iPhone 5 or higher (running iOS 8.2 or higher) with any of these watches and access the services they offer, including the last upgrade; above all notifications of calls, messages and sending different applications to the iPhone lock screen; use internal applications Android Wear, change the faces of clocks, voice search (on Google), use health tools (pedometer, heart rate monitor) and, of course, access all Google services, including system Google Now cards.

For now, the only supported clock is the LG Watch Urbane (see LG meanings on Abbreviationfinder), but those of other companies will also be supported in the next time, although the ad text suggests that it will be with the newer models (the Huawei Watch or Asus ZenWatch 2 ) but not with older computers like the Moto 360 or LG G Watch R , said the company, although some developers say they had no problems connecting to an iPhone.

LG G Watch

Although the Watch Apple will offer better integration with iOS (simply because access internal resources that Android Wear has forbidden for now), the ecosystem watches with Android Wear enables Google enter the Apple platform and compete with other formats ( especially circular screens) and other price range: many Android smart watches sold on the market today have a lower price Apple Watch.