LG G Watch R: the Round Smartwatch Rocks

Conclusion: around 100 percent, 100 percent battery – the LG G watch R is not only the first Smartwatch with really round display, but also the first smart watch with lengthy battery. The equipment is similar to other models, Android wear 2.0 is used as the operating system. The price is with 270 euro However very high.

LG G watch R:sound processing

When first trying on an analog wristwatch as the reminds the G watch R Moto 360. On the right side of the matte black stainless steel case, a Crown sits with you on and turn off the display. Bracelet width provide footbridges. Does the LG watch R G less fat compared to the Moto 360, has the same dimensions but with 11 millimetres in height. Also the diameter is identical to 46 mm. The case appears solidly built, conveys a certain plastic look but despite noble materials. Also the standard bracelet does not particularly like us: the leather is too rigid and sharp-edged – here you should invest in a 22 millimeters watch band of your choice. With 62 grams including strap, the G watch is R about ten grams heavier than the Moto 360, which can but not unpleasantly noticeable when worn. Practical: Thanks to IP67 certification the G watch R is waterproof.

LG G watch R:display without edges

While Motorola with Moto 360 has not quite round brought the display, LG creates with the G watch R the squaring of the circle. 1.3 inches, the POLED screen is smaller, the resolution is also 320 x 320 pixels – which leads to crisp-sharp appearance. There is a brightness sensor G watch R not, for this can enable an extra level of brightness. The viewing angle stability is enormous, even at very oblique viewing can be correctly read from the screen.

LG G watch R:smoothly performance

In terms of performance, the G watch R are up to date from the best picture. The Snapdragon 400 ignites 512 MByte memory with 1.2 GHz, support the CPU. We have not observed juddering during the test. Speech input works quickly and reliably. The heart rate monitor works much faster compared to the Moto 360. With facilities include also a compass plus barometer.

LG G watch R:Android wear 2.0

On the round G watch R comes factory Android wear 2.0 to use. You can put 4 GB in this version of the Google system music on the large flash memory of the Smartwatch and this stream without any Smartphone to a Bluetooth headset. You can respond directly to messages – also WhatsApp – and Google now cards will be displayed.

LG G watch R:endurance battery

With 410 mAh is watch R of g the largest battery of a Smartwatch. The higher battery capacity is also apparent: without trouble, 26 hours of running time creates the G watch R at maximum brightness, regular use and continuously active display. Intelligent use even longer the Smartwatch. To recharge the battery, set the G watch R in the supplied charging station. Visit MEDICINELEARNERS.COM for more.