LG G Watch Android Wear Review

As it is now: the first Smartwatch with Google’s Android wear. The LG shall be G watch a kind of second screen for Smartphone users on one’s wrist. All relevant messages can be read easily by the user, without having the Smartphone must be out. But really use the Android wear powered wristwatches in everyday life so often? We have tested the LG G watch for you.

On the Google I/O in the past week, the launch of Android wear and thus the first Smartwatches in the Google fell cosmos. In addition to the LG G watch, currently only the Samsung gear live is available also in the Google play store. Both Smartwatches onto the square layout of Android wear. Who would rather wear a classic round Smart Watch, who must wait anything. Motorola will only bring the Moto 360 in the course of the summer in the trade.

Before you but crashes on the Google play store to pick up an Android wear Smartwatch, check first, whether your own Smartphone with a LG can communicate G watch, Samsung gear live or Moto 360. Prerequisite for a proper communication between the two devices is that it runs at least Android 4.3 on the Smartphone. The easiest way you can check the online compatibility its Smartphone Android wear.

Design: Square and uncomfortable

Externally, the LG G watch is no eye-catcher. In any case, not our black test sample. The square layout of the Smartwatch by LG reminds me strongly of a Casio wrist watch with calculator. The very soft plastic bracelet is indeed pleasant to the arm, but it looks cheap. As a whole, the LG looks G watch not as a 200 euro Smartwatch from, but more like a watch. Also the LG works G watch delicate woman arms slightly out of place, since the Smartwatch is still solid.

Setting up obstacles

Actually, the initial setup of the LG G watch is very simple: just download the Android wear companion app from the play store. LG place G watch on the charger and power, and already you can couple the G watch with his Android Smartphone. Would not the problem, that is currently the Android wear to find companion app in the play store. It is rumored that the app only officially will be available from the 7th July in the play store.

After a long search on the net, we have still the APK and were able to install it on a Galaxy S4. But also the services of the search engine giant on the LG G correctly to use watch, play Google services, Google, it was still necessary, search and even an updated version of Google to install notes. All of these steps are must no longer affect but you as a user of Android wear wearables in the next few days, because Google sure soon will publish a general update.

Notification Center as a wrist watch

As a Smartwatch feels in the like David Hasselhof in Knight Rider or as James Bond. He used Snapdragon 400 G watch in the LG and its 512 megabytes of memory ensure that one smart notifications navigates through, and also the touch screen can be operated without a murmur. The angle of G watch are good, only sucks from the reflective surface.

Looking for keys to Android-wear devices in vain, because the screen remains permanently active, so the time can be read always dimmed. Thanks to the motion and Acceleration sensors, a short movement of the arm out or a short tap on the display ranges to enable also the backlight completely. Wiping movements up and down you are painted first and foremost by Google-now cards, notices or menus. The watch automatically displays new information below as a small message; You can pull them upwards, to read the complete message.

Greetings from Knight Rider

A notification Center at the wrist is already practical. Such a second screen saves one of the influence of the Smartphones, but Google’s Android wear can do much more. The voice control in conjunction with the Google apps is the killer feature of the Google powered Smartwatch

Touched briefly on the display and said “Ok Google”, and already you can dictate notes, reminders, SMS or E-Mails, enter dates, set the alarm clock and stop watch or show the number of steps taken. It is even possible to open several apps on your Smartphone by incredible or start at all tracks in play music. You must only make sure that one speaks at an appropriate pace and clearly, then it works without any problems.

Travel guide on your wrist

When the voice control the Google fun doesn’t stop but still long, because also as mini-navigation display an Android wear Smartwatch is suitable. As a pedestrian in a foreign city, watches navigation is a big relief. Thanks to Google now and the subscribed cards, you can appear also weather, traffic information, dates or stops nearby. The Smartwatch here so then becomes a guide. Of at least 400 mAh battery in our test after all, ensured that the G watch an all day long the Guide could play.

Nix los without Smartphone

An Android wear Smartwatch is so beautiful, without a Smartphone lacks the clock on intelligence. In the case of LG G watch remains only the time and a pedometer, it was already. A call comes in, then watch makers must Access unfortunately also the G to the phone.

Although it is installed a microphone in the case of the watch, but lacks a speaker. Of course, you can connect a headset on his Smartphone and then make a call. From how the beautiful feeling of Knight Rider again flutes. On the other hand, one can understand also why no speaker is installed, because who wants to share with the public already his calls?

Conclusion: Good debut

With a LG G watch am not astonished ‘AHS’ and ‘Ohs’ raises yet. The Smartwatch with Android wear is just too discreet and minimalist drawn. Moreover, lacking on customized third-party apps, like WhatsApp and co. Until now, only the Google supported own apps such as notes, Google + search and Google now perfectly by Android wear. But these apps from third-party manufacturers will come, there is no doubt.

Also there will be a variety of dials, one focusing on the LG G watch can load. And compared to the with Tizen-equipped gear have the LG series from Samsung G watch, which is a Motorola Moto 360 and the Samsung gear live great advantage: they are manufactured independent compatible. You must have just a Smartphone that has Android 4.3. Who knows, maybe wear app is in a hidden closet in mountain view also already worked on the iOS version of Android. Google has an iOS app at the start for the Google Glass.