LG G Smartwatch Test

Each year the industry is trying to convince us of a “next big thing” and hoping that a revolution start pedaling. as at the time with the radio, the television, the Internet or last the Smartphone. The next big thing on our arm to again dangle with Android wear and the Smartwatches. For seven days, I was looking for a wow experience and must put on record that I have not found it.

To first of all I have to say in fairness that I am an iOS users everyday and since my first phone, the Ericsson PH337, now run around without wristwatch in the landscape. Thus a Smartwatch with Android wear my naturally has a hard time: first of all the ‘wrong’ OS, and then I will kill again a wrist-watch me after 19 years?

Well, but why actually not, it is a smart watch Finally, also I use a Samsung Galaxy S4 itself still as a second phone. So created and already seven-day self attempt backfired, G watch on the arm. What I everything with the G watch have tried, that can you once again in the live ticker read.

But now to my impressions after a full week with the G watch on the arm and the S4 in the Pocket. Android wear is a beautiful addition to your Android Smartphone. It is the extended arm of the Smartphones, virtually the entire intelligentsia is still on the phone and not in the watch. And that’s also wanted Google finally!

As Mr Amir accurately writes in his analysis about Android wear and the first Smartwatches, the developer in mountain view from the mistakes of others have learned and features such as a camera, speaker and even banned by the telephony function. Why? Well, because “smart” watches for the Otto ordinary consumer do not need these functions. Simple is better!

Using squaring the simplicity succeeded in actually Google, even if it is something stuck at some corners. Just wipe from bottom to top, and her chasing through the messages; wipe to the right, and the message is deleted from the screen. With some cards, you can wipe to the left to get more options of the app. Seems just when deleting or closing run Android wear but still not around, because the system always takes a small Memorial seconds, before then the clock is displayed.

Sensory overload

At the beginning, I found very sexy the thought no longer to whip out the phone, incoming messages. But after long seven days I’ve landed back on the ground of the Tatschen: it’s great to get his cell phone no longer in the car only to see who just left off his mustard to the own Facebook post. It is convenient to read the SMS reminder, bring milk to the wife, to the meeting with a short look at the G watch then on your way out this SMS by voice with a recently “all right, honey!” to answer.

But in our world with SMS, E-Mails, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and many other information such as weather reports, news and co. it is quite sweet, me if this information land only on the Smartphone and I myself decide, when I read what.

You can curb this sensory overload something lucky. Ignoring the constant buzzing and lighting up the G watch, or but you missed the communication-friendly apps in the settings of Android wear a digital muzzle.

OK, Google: Funny looks when the monologue with the Smartwatch guaranteed

The power of Android wear is clearly in Google and its services such as Google now, Google maps and search. Here, too, the Smartwatch serves again as an extended arm to the Smartphone. In everyday life it is quite handy: I can just talk my destination point in a foreign city in the G watch and start navigation.

Then also the directions represented on the LG G watch are very practical – then the Smartphone in your Pocket can remain. Unfortunately I forgot once, Smartphone mute to so suddenly out of his pocket a “right in 200 meters” plärrte and some passers-by looked weird to me.

You also reap the same looks when lifting the arm and says “Ok, Google”. My feeling is that the general public is not yet ready for speech input of à la Google. Also with a Smartwatch with Android wear, this feature will be used then probably rather rare.

The bottom line: currently no next big thing

I even do not count myself among users who frantically hungry every buzz and hum of the Smartphone for information. For all of these notification junkies is a Smartwatch like the LG watch G or the Samsung gear live just right.

These will have their bright delight, no more having to pull the phone out of the Pocket. When it comes but, to read longer messages or answer but also in detail, then nothing else even the junkies, than to whip out the phone and typing.

But fortunately, there is a large community of developers at Google, which almost crashing out on Android wear: new apps, watch faces, and even small games appear daily. Maybe the one or the other app that me so excited that I permanently attach an Android wear Smartwatch me coming there in the future. Until then, but I put aside the little gadget and take my Smartphone in hand again.