LG: 4 New Smartwatch Models in the Year 2017

The South Korean company LG plans to bring several new Smartwatch models on the market in the coming year. Point out four new trademark applications. The applications were discovered by the Dutch site GSMinfo. The product names of are LG watch LG Watch Pro, LG Watch force, and LG watch style sole.

These models it should be to be the successor in April this year published by LG watch urban 2. What exactly the models differ from each other are, is not yet known at the present time. “Smartphones for your wrist”, which suggests that the watches without Smartphone could work and have a SIM card slot is in the gel files documents. It is now known that LG is working on an own mobile payment service. Therefore, it is also assumed that the non-contact numbers via LG pay will be possible with the new Smartwaches.

Availability and price still unknown

When exactly the new LG Smartwatches will be presented and how much it will cost is not yet known. Is believed that it could so far be together with the new LG G6 Smartphone in the spring of 2017. As soon as there’s more detailed information, we will inform you about it.