LEPSI Watch Scope and the New Watch Demagnetizer

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Buying a luxury is an investment but also a sensual experience. What a joy to wear the noble piece on your arm! But beware, danger threatens the precious piece by magnetization. This causes clocks to go ahead or to stop or in the worst case even stop. If you want to know whether your watch is magnetized, you can quickly find out the Lepsi watch scope with a watch tester. The new watch Demagnetizer. This allows the magnetization to be eliminated within seconds.

Whenever you get something out of the fridge, load the washing machine, use the smartphone or tablet, you put the valuable mechanical wristwatch in jeopardy. These everyday objects produce electromagnetic fields. If the clock is exposed to these fields, the metal parts inside the watch are magnetized. This influences the balance spring, which regulates the movement of the balance and allows it to run faster or slower.

If you want to know what the function of your watch is and whether it is magnetized, you can quickly determine this with the instrument for mechanical wrist watches Lepsi Watch scope. Watch scope is connected to the smartphone or tablet. About the app Lepsi Watch mag for iOS different parameters can be checked, such as accuracy, frequency, signs and oscillation and within seconds it is clear whether the clock is magnetized. In this case, the message “Magnetism detected” is displayed. The device was developed in Geneva by a technical team that works with the most reputable watch manufacturers.

Fortunately, the clock’s magnetization is reversible. 2016 has LEPSI expanded its offer around the Lepsi watch Demagnetizer, with which one can degauss the clock itself within seconds. This is very simple: connect the demagnetizers, press the Start button and hold it down until the process is finished. The clock moves slowly towards the device and then again. Once it is about 50 inches away, you can release the Start button. Ready, the clock is demagnetized and then usually runs back to the second exactly.

A luxury needs good care

With the team watch scope and watch Demagnetizer open up new dimensions, how to keep an eye on the performance of his watch and wait for it. If you want to enjoy it for a long time, you should also consider the following tips on Automotiveqna.com:

So the watch has a long service life

Shocks, large temperature fluctuations and magnetic fields are to be avoided.

The clock should be put on daily at the same time as possible, which helps to maintain the accuracy of the gear. Caution is called for, so that the crown is not overturned.

Regular wear of a mechanical watch is important for its precise functioning.

If you do not carry the watch on your arm, it is best to keep it in a watchbox to protect it from damage. When travelling, you can also use fabric cases or small bags for space reasons.

The watch should be cleaned regularly and carefully (for example, dust particles, perspiration and moisture).

About every three to five years it must be overhauled for inspection and movement.

The duo watch scope and watch Demagnetisers open up new dimensions for the care of the watch. In addition, it is also possible to save time and money, because you can now make degaussing yourself and thus limit the maintenance intervals to the bare essentials.

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