Interview with a Real Lady

My Omi is always the source of my inspiration and my great style icon with your 81 years.She has developed and nurtured in me the good taste and the love for the beautiful things of life.She raised me in a magical world of love and beauty.I thank you for everything!

I was lucky enough to talk with you about the topic of femininity and fashions of the fifties and think that could be interesting for you, loyal reader of our blog.Before I leave you in the interview in the world of the 50s, I would like to introduce you my Omi briefly.She is called Lubov, which comes from Russian and means “love”.She has been living in Russia since her birth 81 years ago and is still a real “original lady” from the old days.

Our interview took place in your lovingly furnished living room, where you invited me to tea and biscuits.Even these small details show the big difference.In contrast to the few genuine occasions when we are the young and fast-paced generation time for a well-groomed cup of tea, you can not take this time around anything in the world.So all back to zero and first drink tea …

Interview with a Real Lady

1) Would you please tell us about the times in the 50s and 60s? How then did the fashion trends look like and how was your personal attitude to the fashion at the time? Have you always been interested in fashion?

I’ve always loved getting dressed and never left the house without a perfectly fitting hairstyle and a light make-up. The people of our generation were educated in this way, and it was not easy for other people to show themselves as well.
Especially in the post-war period there was little or no offer in the shops … The women often sewed their clothes themselves.Just as I did … we did the things for us or our children in one night and created stunning clothes, to wear them on the next day at a company.

Even old clothes I could quickly change, if I have sewn a bit lace or a pointed collar.Sometimes there were also chiffon flounces or ruffles on the sleeves.

So I was always chic and especially dressed.

2) Who helped you develop your fashion and especially your taste? Where did you get the inspiration from?

Even as a little girl, I watched my mommy and Omi while you were dressed and what they paid particular attention to in their wardrobe.Sometimes we had single copies of magazines, like Burda Mode, and in this we got our inspiration.

3) What is the most important thing in a woman’s wardrobe? What needs special attention?

It is important that every woman has at least one evening dress. Better and more.
They should look elegant … and be long or at least knielang.
For every day, younger women can also wear a swing skirt.
I like to wear two-piece dresses like a man’s costume or a pencil skirt with a blouse. And, of course, dresses! I can not remember ever wearing a pair of pants. I think the idea of going to the street in a cosmonaut suit is more likely.

Of course, the parts from the wardrobe should be something special and decorated for example with lace or flounces.
And colors?Yes!My favorite colors are: blue and light blue tones, white, turquoise, salad green, lilac and of course classic black.

4) How can the emphasis of the figure be emphasized?
Today, just as it was then, it belonged to the beauty ideals to have a narrow waist, so every woman was wearing underwear or corsets.Also stockings with suspenders were an absolute must for a woman …

5) What accessories give the look a special accomplishment?
1. Like many women, I love pearls and jewelery, such as necklaces, earrings, brooches, elegant watches, everything that can be combined with my dresses and also serve as a subtle addition to my wardrobe.
2. And, of course, hats with small and medium brim. I never go without a hat out of the house and have a wide selection of hats in my wardrobe. I am always looking for the hat which is suitable for the day.
3. And, of course, high-heeled shoes … I find the feet of a woman are anatomically created so that they can only wear high-heeled shoes.

6) How have you preserved your femininity and attractiveness for so many years?
What do you recommend our readers?
Early in the morning, the woman should take the time to look after herself … Always look 100% (Make Up, Hairstyle, Clothes).And it does not always have to be a complicated hairstyle.There are now many useful gadgets such as curlers or these electric irons for the hair.This makes the hair look as if you were just coming from the hairdresser.

Even at home you should always wear well-groomed clothes: a silky peignoir robe or shorts with a sweet top.This ensures a pleasant feeling and also rejoices the partner.