I’m Watch. Get Another Bracelet Watch with Android

Last week I had the details of WIMM, a device that will convert our wrist watch in a small computer under the operating system Android. We also did us echo of the Motorola Motoactive, a project assistant Android cell phone that Motorola asked in a recent survey its users.

The watches with Android they threaten to become the next fashion, and it is that today we have the I ’ mWatch, a new device designed in Italy by the Blue Sky group is already in reserve on its website and that it will be released, say, next month’s November, But only online.

In essence, the I ’ mWatch It functions as an iPod Nano, with some simple applications of agenda, playing music or images. The difference is that you can connect to mobile via Bluetooth to synchronize with all kinds of warnings and messaging services or social networks. Its creators claim that it is compatible with all types of mobile OS Android, IOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. In fact, the connection with your phone, should a priori be universal.

It is the specifications where not just see this project clearly. To start, the connection is Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, a standard somewhat Albacete to a new device. To continue, the I ’ mWatch runs on Android 1.6.

It is likely that the hardware specifications of the clock (IMX processor 233 MHz with 64 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage) are not sufficient to install an Android 2.1, but the 1.6 version is pretty old and we do not rule out that you generate more than one compatibility issue.

Moreover, the I ’ mWatch a touch screen (not specified if resistive or capacitive.) We hope that the second) of 1.54 inches diagonal and 240 × 240 pixels. Physical checks are limited to the power / unlock and volume. As for the battery, it’s a 350mAh yielding, according to its creators, up to 30 hours with the active Bluetooth connection. These 30 hours down to only 3.5 with what Blue Sky calls ‘ other uses ’ so I suppose you’ll have to charge it every day, as it is the case with mobile.

The I ’ mWatch It will be available in various colors to nothing affordable price (taking into account its characteristics) of 249 EUR. They sold also versions of luxury type jewel with materials ranging from titanium white gold with diamonds with prices of up to 15,000 euros, lot of money for an Android 1.6, even gold that is.