IFA Berlin 2014 Smartwatch

Smart watches are reinventing this season

Smartwatches and computers are the stars of this year’s IFA in Berlin lounge, the European gala, presented with new designs and new features.

The IFA, open to the public from 4 to 9 September, expects to receive more than 240,000 visitors, making it the largest world technologies for the general public, ahead of CES in Los Angeles, according to event Director Jens Heithecker.

With the calm of smartphones, smart watches are presented as “the most interesting trend” of the Berlin Hall, said Ian Fogg, an analyst at IHS consulting expertise.

The smartwatches and other gadgets for use “are at the point conquer our everyday lives,” which estimates Hans-Joachim Kamp, of the German Federation of industry (GFU) at the opening of the two day intended for the press.

The smartwatches are reinventing this season. Manufacturers are abandoning the display rectangle, with ares of gadget, to resume the traditional designs of watchmaking. This was the choice of China Huawei, which began on Wednesday the first smart watch brand, one of the first to synchronize with both Android devices as iPhones.

Samsung, pioneer of smartwatches, must introduce on Thursday a watch Gear S2 with a circular screen, joining competitors LG and Motorola. The new dials of these two groups must also adhere to this design.

Sony presented this Wednesday your new clock compatible with digital portfolios, both Apple and Android, which allows making payments only with digital bracelet settings.

-Connected home –

The betting on a broader trend watches: the connected objects, which will be present among the 1,600 exhibitors of the Salon.

“The IFA shows traditionally all kinds of electronic product and all appear connected (…) Is actually the address of the connected home, “noted Annette Zimmermann, an analyst at Gartner consultancy. Siemens has already made your first refrigerator connected, that communicates your content, or your washing machine is regulated through smartphones or tablets.

“The computers also will gain a breath with the arrival of Windows 10”, at a time when the personal computer market is in crisis, says the analyst.

Microsoft just launched your new operating system, which should allow the user to fly your computer both the mouse and the screen. The American giant must submit your flagship on Friday in the IFA.

The TVs also will try to snatch up your piece of the pie: the high resolution format 4 k is having trouble imposing, but will be supported by the arrival of the first Blu-Ray compatible players Ultra HD.

-Less smartphones-

“The IFA gives an important impulse to the market” of electronics for the general public, concludes Hans-Joachim Kamp.

A role as important as the Christmas period, representing in this year the opportunity to compensate for a weak first half in sales in Germany. Without the effects of the World Cup in 2014, as sales retreated 2.5 percent in a year – making 12.4 billion euros.

Berlin has become a large hall for cell phones in recent years “, said Fogg. But because of a “glitch in the timing of the launches this year, there will probably be fewer devices revealed” in this category, he added.

Korean Samsung has already presented in August two new appliances large screen smartphones Galaxy line Note. The American Motorola released in late July a popular smartphone and two new premium models.

“They tried to create a little more space for their products not to be completely in the shadow of Apple” which will reveal your news next on September 9 in California – on the last day of IFA, Zimmermann.

Sony took the opportunity of the IFA to reveal the last son of your Smartphone Xperia line, the Z5 has a better camera and a battery that lasts up to two days.

Known for their landlines, the Gigaset presented a first line of smartphones, which will be launched in Europe and China later this year.