Huawei Presents Children Smartwatch with Disney Designs

Together with Disney, Huawei, China brings an own children Smartwatch on the market. The approximately 92 euro wearable comes in four different designs and will be sold as of August 15.

Smartwatches are typically used, faster access to information and to get your phone out of your pocket, not so often they meet a very different purpose in children. On the one hand, parents can check where their children are, and on the other hand they can quickly place a call in case of an emergency or become noticeable. All this allows also the new Huawei kids Smartwatch, who should arrive but only in China in the trade.

SOS button and GPS installed

The children Smartwatch by Huawei is equipped with a 1.3-inch PMOLED display, about which the child can use the wearable. Here it has the choice between starting calls, send messages and the product pictures according to held games could be also easy onboard. A SOS switch mounted on the side can also be used in emergency situations, and sends a message containing the current position data, which can be determined by GPS a predetermined parents contact after a 5 sec. press. This function is also raised when the child leaves a safety zone established by the parents.

Short battery life

The integrated battery should be one of the biggest criticisms of the Huawei kids Smartwatch, which stay with its capacity of 300 mAh only one and a half days – then he must for around 2 hours to the socket. Like the different designs that are based on various Disney characters are likely to most children on the other hand. There should be to buy versions with Mickey, Minnie, the ice Queen and walley America.

The Huawei kids Smartwatch, that communicate multiple encrypted on the server of the Chinese manufacturer runs, will be available in China for the time being exclusively and there about 92 euros. A future release in Germany we keep relatively unlikely at the current time.