HTC’s First Smart Watch to Be Released

HTC is one of the great companies in the mobile device market, however, it was one of the few that were left without any launch in the smart watch industry. The Taiwanese company even unveiled a partnership with Valve to launch a virtual reality glasses, but no wearable devices. Now new information has emerged indicating that this may change, a new product may arrive in 2016.

According to a new rumor, it will be another device of line One of HTC, but this time will be a smart watch. It will probably be a traditional device with Android Wear, as they currently work to make a fitness bracelet next to Under Armor.

Despite the great information, no details were revealed about the supposed smart watch from HTC. It is no surprise that the company has not yet launched any device in this market, as it is still very risky, and unfortunately now it can not handle risk.

Smart Watch from HTC

Currently HTC is going through serious problems, the last few quarters have been stuffed with drops and so she is not risking. The Vive virtual reality device may be one of the problems, since the company is working on it, but this market is still in the beginning.That is, anything can happen.

Either way, whatever the company is developing, it should probably reveal about the novelty in the coming months. Consumers may be able to find out even during the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, which takes place next month in Las Vegas and will have special coverage of the All Mobile.