HTC Smartwatch Release

The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is planning several new ideas to this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, however, it looks like at least one of the new features in the release not yet in Germany would be available: how leak specialist @upleaks now via Twitter revealed, the mysterious wearable, which is when the Asians in work, will appear only in the United States.

The tweet, in which upleaks tells us that to start apparently only US citizens will have the opportunity to buy the wearable, yet a more interesting info but despite offers brief: So the leak expert writes also that HTC’s first wearable was a fitness Tracker. But what this tells us about the gadget development on HTC?

Set the HTC Smartwatch?

Already in December 2014, they said that HTC working on a fitness wearable and last January followed up then also upleaks with new information: according to him, had worked equal to portable gadgets at three different HTC, of which two were but then again pulped. Only one should be still in development and this is probably exactly the one that the manufacturer is to present on March 1 together with the new HTC one M9 apparently a fitness wearable -.

The Smartwatch we expected actually also from HTC, may have numbered as a result “CWZ” and “All” to the two wearables with the code name, the manufacturer at least for the time being not further pursued. Maybe the Taiwanese would given their business numbers barely recovering at once take too many risks and first of all wait what happens with the Smartwatch market when the Apple Watch appears in April. In the second half of the year 2014, with the ReCamera, HTC only presented a product in a new category. With a fitness Tracker, cautious next to a broader product portfolio could now be made.