How to Use Smartwatch

With the LG G watch and the Samsung gear live the first Smartwatches with Android wear are available – the Moto 360 is to follow in the autumn. CURVED reveals you the best professional tricks and tips for beginners that you better use your smart watch.

Extend battery life

In the default settings, devices with Android wear does not completely turn off your display, but put it into a power-saving mode, displays a dial in black and white. This display consumes more power than an off screen.

If you fear that the battery not long enough, you can use ‘Display always on’ in the settings under the menu item set to “Off”. To awaken the Smartwatch in this mode, you must tap touchscreen on the or look on it. The motion sensors detect when you rotate your wrist to look at the clock.

Take screenshot

So far, there is still a key combination or an app, which you can use to take a screenshot of a Smartwatch with Android wear. Gear Live join the G watch or that with the Android SDK on your computer, there is however to make a way of screenshots. How exactly this works explained Caschy on his blog.

Change dial

To change the dial of your watch G, gear live, or Moto 360, you must just long press with your finger on the main screen until the corresponding menu appears. You can go but also the way the menu “Settings”.

No cards on the dial

A card with a short information of the recently-opened app appears by default at the foot of the energy-saving dial. Depending on the dial, the map superimposed on its bottom. To make the window disappear, must you the Android wear app on your Smartphone in menu item “cards on screen that appears off hide” select the option “Always hide”.

Install familiar app-overview of smartphones

You want to not get used to you in the user interface of Android wear with the long list of apps, but rather want to have the usual overview of your Smartphone? Then the wear is mini launcher for you an installation value. It displays the installed programs much easier to read, and still they can still selectively start with a finger.

Dim display

If you want the display of the Smartwatch quickly dimming, you must only completely cover it with your hand, and wait until it vibrates.

Switch off the vibration

If you annoy the vibrations of the watch, enough on the screen from top to bottom to wipe. The Smartwatch vibrates and displays whether the vibration is on or off. Want you hum it again let you have to wipe just once from top to bottom, to cancel the mute function.

Selectively turn off notifications apps

Not all notifications that display apps on your Smartphone, you want to see on the Smartwatch, you can turn off targeted them. To do this, open the Android wear app on your Smartphone and tap the settings icon (gear). Where “app notifications mute” select and tap on the plus icon. Then add the app (s) you want to block.

Power phone automatically mute when the Smartwatch in use is

You can switch your Smartphone automatically mute when it is connected to the Smartwatch. So you will receive all notifications ever more discreet on the wrist. This goes in the Android wear app on your Smartphone and tap the settings icon (gear). Then just the box in “connected phone mute” enable.

Control almost any app via the Smartwatch

The number of apps for Android wear that you can install directly on the G watch and other Smartwatches is still very open. Google now runs but on the small gadget on your wrist, and so you can issue commands on all apps via voice control on your smartphone that understand them. The developer Armando Ferreira impressively demonstrated this in his fully networked home.

Increase Bluetooth range

A G watch, a gear live or a Moto 360 work properly, they must be via Bluetooth in connection with your Smartphone. At home, can you leave the phone so comfortably in the kitchen and is above a Smartwatch in the living room, always up to date. Modern devices like a Smartwatch and a Smartphone should have the Bluetooth class 1 with a maximum range of 100 meters outdoors.

In apartments, walls and the like can considerably curtail the range. Bluetooth Repeater, which pick up the signal and amplify are there, however, they are not cheap and can usefully be used only in a few environments. At the end of a central site for your smartphone that, if you don’t put it in your Pocket you have solution remains.

Call settings using voice command

To enter the settings menu, you must not touch the Smartwatch. The clock is switched on, it is enough to say “OK Google” and to add “Settings” as soon as the white screen with the Red “g” appears.

Simple tasks through voice control

Android wear does simple tasks without help of apps — you can take the standard using the voice control claim. You say for example “start OK Google, stop watch” begins to stop the Smartwatch time. Do all tasks, the Android wear itself can be seen, you simply say “OK Google” and waits until the white screen with the Red “g” appears. Tap the screen and a menu with the tasks.

Create a button that can do everything,

If This Then That offers its own app for Android wear. With the service you can logical command sequences in the sense of “If this, then the ‘ set. For example: the Smartphone will take a photo and upload it to Flickr, post the link on Facebook. Using this so-called recipes you programmed virtually own Android wear-apps for all possible tasks with little effort.