How to Properly Wear Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is finally here and enjoying the first lucky owners with all sorts of technical refinements. But so that you can enjoy fully the Smartwatch from Cupertino, there also also everyday things that to consider about the technique. That’s why we give you in this guide appropriate tips for perfect wearing comfort with the Apple Watch.

Allergy sufferers beware!

If you are allergic to certain materials, then there are also in the case of the Apple Watch a few important things to know. Who, for example, sensitive to nickel, which should know that the Apple Watch and the nickel contain Apple Watch sports in space grey. Also some bracelets stainless steel components, as well as the built-in magnet can contain traces of the material. The nickel content corresponds to the requirements of the REACH regulation in the EU although in all these products, but incompatibilities may occur in exceptional cases.

The same applies to methacrylate. The Apple Watch housing, as well as some types of bracelet contain traces of methacrylates from adhesives. However all are designed so that they come directly with the skin in contact with the components.

The perfect seat

To use the Apple Watch perfectly, it is important she sits just right. “Not too loose and not too tight” is the motto here. Functions such as wrist detect, Taptic engine, or the heart rate sensor for best results only, when the back of the watch on your skin. Should the Apple Watch so easily slip or the sensors does not properly detect your heart rate, then the bracelet balks you something firmer to not. In sports, you can generally slightly tighten the strap and loosen it again after training. Too closely it should not be however strapped around your wrist, since then may cause skin irritation.

Maintain brings blessings

To prevent long term damage to the Apple Watch and achieving maximum comfort, you should maintain your Smartwatch well. Therefore careful to keep clean and dry your skin as well as the Smartwatch and bracelets. Especially after the sport, it is more important to the handle to a lint-free cloth. Because liquids we sweat, SOAP, sunscreen or other lotions do the Apple Watch are not good. Because the Smartwatch is water resistant, you can perform the cleaning of also confidently with a damp cloth.

The tattoo problem

For the tattooed Apple Watch users among you is important to know that the Smartwatch can sometimes have their problems with the color-decorated skin. So already several tattooed users about faulty heart rate readings or even unwanted lockouts have complained. The explanation for this is that the Apple Watch lights up through your skin with green LED light. This is absorbed by the red blood to measure the heartbeat again. A tattoo on your wrist can be possibly in the way of the light, which can lead to measurement errors. It is however also on the colour, as well as the coverage of tattoos. What is the so-called pulse oximetry exactly behind the General issues relating to modern wearables, read our article on the subject.


Allergy sufferers should know that some Apple Watch models and certain bracelets nickel as well as traces of methacrylate

Make sure that the Smartwatch is neither too loose nor too tight

To avoid damages and to ensure maximum comfort you the Apple Watch should regularly get rid of dirt and maintain