How to Play Pokemon GO with a Smartwatch

When you already have everything correct (remember having access to internet). Only you must activate the GPS, and you can already begin to catch Pokemon and easy way.

The game adapts graphically correctly your screen of the Smartwatch. Although you will have to wait a few seconds.

To what does not have access is to the part of reality augmented. To the not have camera not can see the Pokemon in the screen (but that does not influences to hunt them).

One of the advantages of playing in our smartwatch is not to make the expenditure of our phone battery. And also be able to access always easily to the application.

You let these models of smartwatches 100% compatible :

  • Smartwatch No.1 D6 GPS + WiFi + Android 5.1 (SIM card)
  • Watch FINOW Q1 GPS + WiFI + Android 5.1 (SIM card) – €67,00


Poke Radar hunting Pokemon easily from the smart watch

If are looking for a particular Pokemon or like know who is found by a zone. Only you must download this app for Android or iOS.

Poke radar you can save many miles to plan your route in the hunt for these “animals”. And is that, as that can perform with Pokemon Go, the application of Poke Radar it can install in your clock smart with Android.

This application works with data that are providing different players, if several players have found one, this is marked in the virtual map of Poke Radar.

You leave a map of Spain where you can see the different screenshots.


Also Poke Radar has a system whereby he can eliminate map the Pokemon that we already have (tell it to), and seek only that us is more convenient in every moment.

This app is free and you can install it easily if you have above a smartwatch as the commented.