Hobbyist Is Transforming into the Smartwatch 1100 Nokia

Do you have an old phone at home lying around, which gather dust in the corner? Then it builds around to a Smartwatch. Don’t you feel? Very well, as proved the YouTuber Tinkernut within the framework of a new project.

Incredibly exciting that affects what he recently assembled YouTuber Tinkernut. Some parts from an old Nokia 1100 combined with an Arduino board and a DIY Smartwatch which is able to represent incoming notifications on the Smartphone resulted in several small parts. With costs in the amount of $ 43, it was also a relatively cheap project.

That was needed

But how did it Tinkernut from a Nokia 1100 to build an own Smartwatch? Only the LCD display, the vibrator motor and a speaker from the 2003 mobile were used. Bought were still smaller components such as multiple resistors, a Bluetooth adapter, and a button which should later enable to activate the backlight. Also a battery with a capacity of 150 has been added of course mAh and a specially programmed Arduino UNO took the control of the display. Tinkernut used to connect to the Smartphone finally its own app, the using of the developed WITH app inventor.

With little parts and a lot of their own work, Tinkernut could design a Smartwatch which displays not only the time and date, but even informed on the Smartphone incoming notifications. Theoretically, it would be even possible to equip the wearable with a heart rate sensor or similar shenanigans.