High-Tech Wrist – Come 2017 This Smartwatches

The big breakthrough that was forecast the wearables, had so far yet. Although Smartwatches like the Apple Watch, Samsung’s Galaxy gear or who have found their share of the market via Kickstarter funded Pebble , but in bulk Smartwatches lag behind even the expectations.
That may be changing but 2017 quickly, because in the next year are just some models in the wings, who have the potential to shake up the market.

The next generation – these Smartwatches come 2017

Motorola Moto 360 3 – next year is there already two years behind it, that the Moto 360 was 2 on the market. With the third generation, the Smartwatch is now watertight according to IP67 standard. That adds up to a half hour in stagnant waters.
Also on board are 4 G and GPS, a high resolution front-facing camera also allows for Selfies directly from the wrist.
The sleek design don’t looks like Smartwatch and is stylish and elegant. Price, the Moto 360 should be 3 just under 400,-euro.

Android wear makes mobile pixel – not just for smartphones Google now also in terms of hardware, comes with Android 2.0 wear also a pixel Smartwatch in next year.
On Twitter the first pictures made the rounds and the Smartwatch Google looks amazingly good and simple. Models for men and women differ not only in size, but also design and style are here very differently designed.
The official name of the clocks of are Angelfish and swordfish with Angelfish will be the higher-end model of the series. LTE, GPS and a heart rate monitor here are on board.
The swordfish watch will be, however, lighter and somewhat simpler.
Thanks is also the Android wear 2.0 interchangeable bracelets to the every occasion make the appropriate figure.

Sony Smartwatch 4 – the new Smartwatch Sony looks at first glance like a Smartwatch already. Away from the round interface, the watch of the Japanese tech giant offers an elongated display. The digits then arguably a wireless payment option in the waterproof housing behind thanks to Sony pay.
Altimeter and heart rate monitor make the Sony Smartwatch 4 for athletes to an attractive alternative. Even though the design may be not for everyone.
With nearly 300 euros, the expected price is but rather in the boarding area.

Huawei Who places more value on the wrist watch 2 – on jewelry and finds a Smartwatch for finer events in life, is with the Huawei Watch 2. The design is very elegant and the AMOLED display allows a particularly bright, high-resolution display of Huawei Watch 2.
With the matching bracelet, the Huawei Watch 2 2017 is the right choice of clock to the small Ausgehanzug or evening dress. Moves with probably around 450,-euro but also in the upper price category.

2017, Pebble-2 – also of the classics under the Smartwatches comes in a new edition on the market. With a height of less than 10mm, the Pebble-2 is a sleek alternative to pixels or Apple Watch.
Thanks to the quick release, the bracelet can be exchanged quickly and up to 30 meters water depth, the new Pebble remains functional. With a starting price around 99 Euro Pebble remains attractive, especially for all those would try the Smartwatches or blithely switch back and forth between the Smartphones.

Microsoft Surface watch – does not give up the mobile segment also Microsoft finally, much is unknown about the surface watch. Only the body of the watch should consist of Oxynitrid aluminium and would therefore be harder than ordinary metal.
Whether Microsoft once again Gets the connection after the flops on the mobile market, is. After all, probably also a surface phone 2017 on the market should be suitable to the watch.

Is the time for the Smartwatch?

2017 have friends of wearables spoilt for choice, because the manufacturer attract not only with new features, but also with better handling and optimized design.
This should irritate all those who want to wear just a watch on your wrist. Because despite all the additional functions: also the waterproof high-end Smartwatch is more expensive than an “ordinary” clock no longer. For this but more flexible and versatile.