Guardian of Exclusive- Automatic Watches

Elegance, precision, style – nothing can be better than an automatic watch to embody these concepts. Is the epitome of a modern classic on the arm, and combines technical sophistication with a Masterful mechanism, which is designed for eternity. To stay functional, automatic watches must be worn every day. If this is not possible, helps a watch winder. There is not a more sophisticated and push-ups way to wind a watch and store. You will find everything you need to know about watch winder, in this buying advice:

Guardian of Exclusive- Automatic Watches

Who has turned on the clock? For this, you need a watch winder

A treasure for your treasures: so a watch winder is built

The size of the material: what do you need to consider before buying?

Conclusion: how to find the right watch winders for yourself

Who has turned on the clock? For this, you need a watch winder

A special watch needs special attention, according to timedictionary. Who spends several hundred or even thousands of euros for a watch, so an automatic wristwatch, should think about buying a watch winder to have joy of a movement that is precisely functioning as long as possible. In an automatic watch the movement of your wrist translates into the movement, with the clock spring is stretched. Is an automatic watch is not worn for a longer period of time it stops after some time and must be set before again.

This problem can be circumvented with a watch winder, a mechanical device with automatic watches are reared or kept ready for use, if they are not worn. It comes exclusively with watches for use, which are not operated with batteries. A watch winder is particularly useful when

The movement is complicated and extremely accurate.

The time function includes not only hours, minutes and seconds, but works according to the perpetual calendar,.

The watch parallel displays several time zones or even the phases of the moon.

The clock can be used as a chronometer.

The clock has other complex functions, which only very heavy correct can be set by a layman, if the movement of the bar.

The watch winders automatic watch slowly rotates its rotor axis. Thereby, a torque is exerted on the clockwork mechanism. The clock is wound. Previously keep the oil so that used resinate in the watches are in the long term. New watches or vintage models, which are prepared with modern clock oil, but this should be no problem, since these oils do not tend to the Resinification.

A treasure for your treasures: So a watch winder is built

A watch winder is basically a rotating pillow on an automatic watch can be set up or stretched, that is then called by his movement. There are watch winders in different versions. Simple and functionally designed models are very convenient to have, but usually not particularly decorative.

Some watch winders, however, have a very elegant design and are similar to detail like the jewels that accommodate them. They are often similar to cubes or boxes, covered with leather, made of polished hardwood or brushed metal. As high-quality, mostly interior is processed, whose central element is the rotating pad, where the clock is placed. A glass window protects the Interior from dirt and dust and reveals views of the rotating watch. By the way, this is of course a small show that will delight many of your guests.

Guardian of Exclusive- Automatic Watches

Depending on the materials of the watch winder is high-quality and failed, also taking care of the surfaces is more special. Use always the most appropriate leather, wood or metal care solutions and do not aggressive cleaning agents. With a pair of glasses cleaning cloth you can relieve optimally the glass window to the edges of dirt.

The size of the material: Before you take what the purchase?

Prior to the purchase, it is important to know whether your automatic watch can indeed be clamped on the rotating pillow. So look for a hint to “usual clock types” or “adjustable bracket” in the description of the product.

Many automatic watches need 600 to about 900 turns to completely raised to be. The performance of your new watch winder should be correspondingly high, which is often specified in UPT (revolution per day) or TPD (turns per day). However, it takes not 24 hours, until a watch winder has raised an automatic watch. In most cases, this is the case after about 30 minutes. Because automatic watches in General also are not “can be bent”, you need not worry about that your watch takes damage, if it is longer clamped in the rotor. Some watch winder allows Moreover 3,000 rpm or more, what is needed but only for very few, especially fancy watches. Refer to the torque that is required for your purposes, the description of your automatic watch. High quality watch winders are able, your watch both in the as to pull even in the anticlockwise direction. Finally some automatic watches in the Exchange must be wound.

Still, there are differences in the power supply safely and continuously exercised by an adapter cable. If you want to stage your Watch winder, however, as a focal point in the room, a cable can restrict the beautiful look. Then battery powered watch winder offer an alternative. You need to provide them regularly with new batteries, if they do not have an installed AC. Of course, also watch winders are available, which can at the same time take not one, but two or more watches.

Conclusion: How to find the right watch winders for yourself

Automatic watches are meant to be worn, otherwise, they quickly lose their efficiency. If you would sometimes take a break your expensive watch or more this accurate timepiece, you should pick up a watch winder. To summarize once again the most important tips that should help you with the purchase:

The rotating pad of the watch winder should accommodate different-sized watches, as well as wider bracelets. So, make sure that the attachment is flexibly designed.

Each automatic watch a certain number of turns needed to completely raised to be. Check this with your watch and choose a watch winder, which ensures this torque.

A watch winder does not work without power. If you find an adapter cable as a nuisance, you can rely on battery-powered models.

Many watch winder jewelry pieces are in itself. They are elegantly decorated and made of high quality materials. Abandon aggressive cleaning agents when cleaning. Use better care products for leather, metal or wood.