Google Will Even Launch Two New Smartwatches in 2017

The smartwatches and wearables market is going through difficult times. After a great interest in the moment they reached the market, they are less and less present and only a few can thrive.

Google has Android Wear on its operating system for these devices and to further promote it is preparing to launch two new smartwatches in early 2017.

Since June spoken of the possibility of Google launch on the market two smartwaches in his own name. This rumor has gained momentum and now has finally been confirmed by Google itself.

It was in an interview with TheVerge that Jeff Chang, product manager for Android Wear at Google, confirmed the arrival of these two new smartwatches by 2017. But contrary to what I expected, these new smart watches will not be released with the Google (Pixel) brand but by their manufacturers, following the Nexus line.

These two new devices will be the first to have access to the second version of Android Wear and will also debut some of the new features. The most relevant is the possibility of making payments directly from the smartwatch through NFC, as several other brands already do.

After this release, Android Wear 2.0 will be released for the remaining models that are already on the market. Of course not everyone will receive this version, leaving the older ones out. The list of watches that will receive Android Wear 2.0 is below.

Smartwatches with Android Wear 2.0

With Apple and Samsung playing a strong role in the smartwatches business, petsinclude has the role of empowering its operating system and its features. This is an area more and more dominated by the equipment dedicated to the fitness and for that reason it matters that the smartwatches regain to gain their space and the interest of the consumers.