Google Is Working On Two Round Nexus Smartwatches

The Android-wear market it has become quiet too quiet for Google-. The company should work so even on Smartwatches.
Just a day after the first picture of the two upcoming nexus smartphones Marlin and sailfish Android provides police the next Google Insider hammer: the company is working on two Smartwatches with Android wear. Both come with round display, but without the ‘flat foot’ known from the Moto 360. The larger of the two watches, calledAngelfish, police has according to Android urban 2nd Edition LTE similarities with the current Moto 360 and the LG watch, differs also in some points of two watches.
The design has a smooth body shape with curves in all the places where the wrist meets the body and therefore visible approaches. It sounds as if the band was firmly established and the clock not withGoogle’s fashion Armbändernkompatibel. Total Angelfish would see police as Android discreetly, but athletic. The display should havea 43.5 millimeters in diameter. Thus, the Smartwatch lay between the large (46 mm) and the small (42 mm) Moto 360. With a thicknessof 14 mm, the clock would be but pretty thick. This could be due toa large battery. Since Angelfish is to fully exploit the benefits of thecoming Android wear 2.0 and has therefore a heartbeat sensor, GPS and a 3 g module on board. This makes the clock independent ofthe Smartphone, but also more power costs. The battery life is oneof the sticking points at Smartwatches.
Angelfish with three buttons
Angelfish has reportedly has three buttons on the right side. It would be unusual for Android wear watches. There is usually no more than a knob. The other two buttons could be freely assignable, or beintended to control Google Assistant. The software should be installed on both watches. That would fit with the manifestation of GoogleCEO Sundar Pichai, that the company wants to equip its own equipment in the future with special features.
The second, smaller clock means police “Swordfish” according to Android. By design, it should resemble the Pebble time round. With athickness of 10.6 millimeters, it is but thicker than the Kickstarter hit.The display of swordfish measures 42 mm. Instead of three it comes only with a button. You must avoid the Smartwatch on 3 G and GPS. The button on the side to offset the digital Crown of the Apple Watch. At the time of purchase, you shall have the choice between a black, a silver, and (of course) a Rosé gold model.
Android police with nine out of ten possible points assesses the truthfulness of the message. The editors remove just one point, because both clocks still not completely finished and changes are still possible. When Angelfish and swordfish are coming on the market, is still unclear. Only so much:, Google should only present both watchesafter the presentation of the new Nexus smart phones.