Glance The Smartwatch Is That It Attaches to Any Clock

One of the problems of the Smart Watches It is their design: many dream of having a connected device on your wrist but now options that there are us away from the conventional models, which we have carried life and really like us. There are interesting concepts, but they are nothing more than that at the moment: a lot of ideas in the mind of designers.

Glance wants our watch always be intelligent by adding the belt a device that will make it smart. A small screen that fits on one side and will allow us to read notifications, answering calls and some other interesting trick.

More subtle and versatile than other wearables

This device looks for financing today on Twitter and it is, as you can see in the images, a small piece of metal with a screen OLED of high contrast that is hooked to our always watch bracelet. In this way, we would have the sphere itself, then this new component that rests on the inside of our doll.

Connected by Bluetooth 4.0 LE You can read messages and answer calls. It also comes with motion sensors so we can use it as a quantifier of steps and distances. It can also be used to make a cursor without wires in our hand and we can manipulate the tele at Kinect or Wii-style.

A curious device, and unlike other devices, wearables is not especially expensive: $70. The first units will go to its destination in October and still has not closed the funding on Kickstarter. We will see what such, but I think a priori an interesting device but with some limitations if we compare it with some of which we have tested recently as the Pebble Steel.