Garmin vivosmart® HR

Then you leave some of the bracelets smart of the market with a price superior to 100,00€.

In the majority of cases are bracelets with more functionalities and different sensors to measure your physical activity (GPS, heart rate monitor, etc).

Garmin vivosmart® HR

This is one of the latest bracelets made by Garmin brand. Ready for the water and with heart rate monitor, It can be good companion to measure your physical activity.

The bracelet Vivosmart® HR is designed for athletes possible, that want to know with detail their data to the time (can see it in the screen LCD).

It gathers data from different sports, even the rise of steps. Also you served in the swimming pool.

The duration of the battery is between 4-5 days. Is compatible with devices Android and iOS.

The bracelet Vivosmart® you can find it at Amazon | approx 116,00€.