Garmin Vivofit – Wrist Fitness

[60,00€ without heart rate monitor-98.00€ with heart rate monitor]

Before anything, tell you that Garmin VIVOFIT, is the bracelet that put of fashion the reality of big brother. An of the bracelets smart more used among people that practice sport, both amateur as a professional.

As they say from Garmin exercise it is a task that benefits us both in the present and our future. Garmin is a manufacturer specialized in systems of Garmin is a company specialized in the training and watches Gps, now we bring this bracelet of activity.

Garmin Vivofit will help us in our sport. The bracelet Vivofit will be put it and forget us of it, primarily by two reasons: has a battery internal that us hard as minimum a year, and is submersible until 50 metros (perfect for swimmers).

On the Vivofit screen we can see both the lost calories, as the distance travelled; Although what you can take missing is that does the heart rate meter (find it in a top model of Vivofit).

Garmin Vivofit us motivates to move us, a small light red us indicates that carry enough time inactive and that is the moment of performing exercise. The data that us gives this bracelet are very reliable and can be quiet of its accuracy.

We can find the bracelet Vivofit in different colors at an price of €60,95 (current offer), with the price heart rate monitor is €97,50. If it like in color red you can visit this link VIVOFIT red.