Garmin Vivoactive Test: This Sport Watch Would Be Like A Smartwatch

Whether you swim, jogs, stand on the pedals or swinging the Clubon the gold course: the Garmin vivoactive will give you not only GPS sports watch to the side stand, but also bring closer a little Smartwatch feeling.
A black, rectangular box: For the Garmin vivoactive there any prizes.But she will also convince as a fashion item, but as a sports watch. So it is well, she can just eight different sports track: swimming, golf,cycling, jogging and walking, and the last three as indoor variants on the treadmill or Ergometer. A chest strap is included with the pulse measurement, you can connect to the vivoactive.
Pale sports watch
The comfort and the test results I can see me in the Garmin connectapp, there is nothing wrong. They are informative and give no reason to doubt its correctness. The vivoactive always counts steps, butof course not, if you just a bike ride records. Sleep logging was carried out automatically, and proved to be reliable – even outside thespecified typical bedtimes.
Exemplary, I found that the GPS location for outdoor activities wasavailable in a few seconds. That isn’t the case with every sports watch. Also practical: not too long move, vibrate the vivoactive and want to flush you out. Set the period cannot be unfortunately, but every time, if you move sufficiently, it resets the timer. Have moved yourSmartphone can you’s loud sound with the help of the sports watchcan be, but only as long as the two via Bluetooth are related.
What seems still not logical to me after a few days, is the operating concept of the Garmin vivoactive. But I know how I must use the sports watch, however, combination of wipe and tapping on the touch screen and press the button on the side with friends seems inconclusive. Also the pale color display which is too dark even with the illumination turns out as a weakness. There are monochrome displays,such as in the Fitbit surge, better to read.
Smartwatch on back burner
Via Bluetooth is the vivoactive in conjunction with my Smartphone and reliably pointed me on incoming messages and calls. I can readE-mail even on the clock, but not like when Android just delete andalso respond not with prefabricated text blocks or dictation. As anEncore, is quite nice for a sports watch, but no Smartwatch turns the Garmin.
In addition to the notifications the vivoactive displays the time andget the next calendar entries and current weather information fromthe Smartphone. A sometimes useful addition is the remote controlfor a music app that you choose in the Garmin connect software.
The micro-USB port has not prevailed in wearables yet and so belongs also to the Garmin vivoactive an own charger. The manufacturer indicates the battery life with ten hours to three weeks – depending on the use. For me the battery with 30 minutes to an hour lasted four to five days sports on the day, before I had to recharge it.
Conclusion: No extra motivation
The Garmin vivoactive is a GPS sports watch and no Smartwatch properly monitored your sporting activities. While you may be about the design of still divided, the prevalent operating concept and thepale display spoil the joy of the sport. There I’ll prefer to other wearables.