Functionality of Finow Q1 Smartwatches

As for the functionality of this watch, we can say that it is practically the same as that can bring you a phone. But to give you an idea we tell you some of its main functions.

Remember that has GPS, Wi-FI, and possibility of adding card SIM (independence total of your phone).

  • Sporting functions: although it is not intended as a sports watch (it has no heart rate monitor), carrying heart rate monitor, stopwatch and GPS will serve as a gauge of activity (distances, calories, etc). The pedometer is activated without the need to operate it manually.
  • Functions added: thanks to Android 5.1 can install different apps on your phone. We have tested even with Pokemon Go on the Smartwatch and it is working properly. You can also install apps from news, Notepad, games, Google Maps and many more (always with the limitation of the 1.54 inches).
  • Specific functions of the smart watch:
    • Notifications: One of the largest utilities is to use the clock to receive various notifications both application (Whatsapps, Messenger, etc.), e-mail, and even of apps as the news. If any of the apps you install in your phone you can answer in a normal manner. If you connect via Bluetooth to the phone, you receive them and if it is a single Whatsapps read it without problems.
    • Time: You can see the time connected to the internet, both today and for the next 4 days. It also has a barometer.
    • Sound Recorder: careful with this function! Since you can record and play back your conversations through the microphone.
    • Alarm: Then, set different alarms.
    • Email: Synchronize your email, and even you can respond on their small qwery keyboard!
    • Browser: Although you can install another browser, it has one default to surf the internet. Use Google talk to perform your searches by voice.
    • Music: As already mentioned, you have a music player, and speaker. Although you can also connect headphones Bluetooth. Includes your songs favorite in mp3.
    • Gallery: You can play video, and photos in jpg.
    • Send and receive calls: Synced to your phone, you can access your schedule easily or dialing from your keyboard. Also with the card SIM, you can call independently.

What do you think? Not is bad for a clock…

By the way, you can change the language to the Spanish of way easy.

Even though we have missed, both a sleep meter; as a heart rate monitor to complete the device.