From and Over?

Lenovo is adopted from the Smartwatch market – at least for the time being. The manufacturer announces that there will be no successor of the Moto 360.
Already for some time it seethes with Lenovo and the successor to the Moto 360 in the rumor mill on the subject. After the manufacturer announced a few months ago, that there should be no successor this year, it is now even more concrete: Lenovo is completely withdrawing from the market.

The reasons for Lenovo:

The reason according to Ross Barkat, Head of the Development Department at Moto: the low demand for the smart watches. Therefore not worth for the company each year to bring out a new watch. However, the Chinese manufacturer not quite rule out a comeback. “We believe that the companion for the wrist still has its value, and there will be a point at which they offer sufficient added value the customer,” the company continued.

Smartwatches success story:

This year it has been quiet around the Smartwatch industry. LG and Hauwei have also brought no other models on the market, Lenovo takes no Smartwatches for planning 2017 into account. For many, the hope of the great Android-wear-update to version 2.0 could be that could increase the value of Smartwatches with new features and better battery life.

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