Fossil Group: Introduced 40 New Smartwatches

The fossil group, many known as manufacturers of normal watches, has 40 new Smartwatches unveiled. These are marketed under the Group’s different brands, including Armani, diesel, and also fossil. While these clocks differ from classical Smartwatches due to the lack of a display.

Hybrid from smarter and classic watch

Who the Withings activité already knows, white certainly, what with hybrid is meant. Unlike classic Smartwatches have no display these watches and are thus restricted in their smart capabilities. There are of course a, if not even two decisive advantages: the watches look like Smartwatches classic and the battery life is 6 months. Classic Smartwatches must be loaded on the other hand most every day.

The watches can count the steps of the wearer and vibrate notifications. This one can be so displayed also notifications of some contacts that the pointer then take a certain position. Both are for example on the 12 o’clock position, so I know for example, that my girlfriend has written to me.

While the apps and the watches of various brands to their target audience should include customized features. With the Kate Spade watch, for example, you can set a timer to a special event. This arrives, light up champagne glasses on the dial of the watch.

In addition to the many hybrid watches, fossil with the fossil Q has an Android Wear Smartwatch in the offer. This one offers a wide range for an equally wide range of customer and wants to see not only the technical enthusiasts but also the normal users.