Fossil: FCC Entry Points to Upcoming Smartwatch

After fossil with the Q founder entered some time ago the Smartwatch market, the manufacturers brought particularly analogue watches with smart features on the market. As an entry in the American FCC certification authority but now tells us, we will get to see Android Wear a new model with display and probably soon.

As one of the first manufacturers of conventional watches, fossil with the Q entered the market of the Smartwatches of founder and announced at the beginning of the year to bring over 100 smart wearable products this year on the market. Were mainly watches with fitness-tracking features at the announcements, we could get a successor of Q founder to face soon. At least one FCC entry mentions a previously unknown Smartwatch with a round display suggests this.

Round display with flat-tire

Based on the data stored in the FCC record can have some, if not many technical specifications of the fossil Smartwatch are anticipated. Have this will, for example, a 1.4-inch display with a resolution of 320 x 290 pixels, which indicates a round design including the well-known flat tires. In addition, mAh battery and a wireless charging is talk of an ordinary 400.

Because in my opinion the most beautiful on the market include the Smartwatches of fossil and much received too little attention, I hope that the next model of the manufacturer’s can convince. Presented are the smart clock is probably within the framework of the IFA 2016.