Five Things Apple Watch That I’d Love to See in The Future of IOS

Many aware it, and in the end the most pessimistic were a surprise: Apple launches the wearables market with its Apple Watch, presenting a completely new interface for a device that opens a new master pillar in the company of Cupertino.

While he saw the news of that interface, and listened to the explanations of those who had remembered another keynote that already has a few years: Back to the Mac, in which an OS X Lion inheriting everything that Apple had learned so far with iOS. So I asked myself: Can the same effect with the Apple Watch system and other platforms occur?

Just think: OS X Lion picked up things for iOS now used daily in Macs as the Multitouch gestures, an own App Store or grid of icons in LaunchPad. What prevents that in future versions of iOS and OS X does not occur the same? It is too early to point out features with security, but already you can see the bases of what may come in the future.

The “universe” and the “barrios” of applications

The main screen with icons of applications has not changed since 2007, and the “surface” of icons that can be seen in the Apple Watch may be the indication of an evolution. I can imagine something so in iOS, where we could grouping applications in “neighborhoods” instead of using folders.

Intimate communication with friends

There is nothing to impede it: those messages in which we can draw figures and send custom emoticons from the screen of the Apple Watch can go towards the iPhone to improve iMessage, or creating a new messaging protocol. Grace is on how fast we can do it from the watch, but if something like me has triumphed safe to something well you can leave dent in other devices.

“Covers” of watches in iOS

The first thing we see before unlock a terminal iOS is time and a wallpaper, with a fixed style. Why not can we change that style and offer alternatives that you like to the user? In the same way that in the Apple Watch, there are many possibilities for customization on an iPhone or an iPad.

New aspect of Siri and (more) interface simplicity

Yes, I also noticed the new interface of Siri in the Apple Watch. The microphone symbol disappears to give way to waves of sound in various colors, and messages are displayed in a new font.

At the same time, the clock interface simplifies even more what we already consider a huge reduction in elements in iOS 7. Sooner or later, designers will pick up all the feedback learned with those changes and apply it to the iOS interface and up to OS X. This is only a matter of time.

“Glances” of quick information

Finally, these “glimpses” of information that we have at Apple Watch may also apply on the phone, to option always user. Thus, without unlock it, we could see at a time information such as the time, the news of our area, watch, bag… would be a step beyond widgets that I can have in iOS 8.