Fitbit Flex – Wireless Activity And Sleep Bracelet

This Smartband would be included in the category of bracelets that monitor data, not only your activity daily, but also you give data for a greater control for a life healthy.

It Fitbit Flex will pass unnoticed in your doll (nobody is will give has of that carry a complex device in your wrist), not has screen, although if has some small Leds that us provide information.

This smartband has also a pedometer to record our steps, kilometres travelled and calories burned. Fitbix Flex overnight, will measure your sleep cycles and you will help you to understand as better, sleep in the morning you wake up in a silent way. Subsequently, through your tablet or phone, can follow the record of data and the statistics that you provides the bracelet intelligent.

The bracelet can be connected to multiple applications market fitness both android as iOS (Lose It!, MyFitnessPal, SparkPeople, Balance Rewards, Digifit, Xtrail, Microsoft HealthVault, TactioHealth, Endomondo, Tictrac, CarePass, Beeminder,, SyncMetrics, among many others )).

Compatible with Android devices and iOS. Fitbit Flex is the bracelet to wear it always with you.

The bracelet Fitbit Flex has a price from them 70.00 € (offer) in Amazon (available in 10 colors).