Fitbit Charge HR

Previously we have commented the bracelet Fitbit Flex, in this occasion Fitbit gives a step more betting by a Smartband with heart rate monitor, the Fitbit Charge HR.

Incorporates a small screen OLED where we can see, in addition to the time, data as calories burned, steps made, steps uploaded, etc. Also on your small screen you will see notifications of incoming calls.

The characteristics indicate that it can plunge up to 10 meters, but also warn that it is not recommended to swim or take a shower with her put.

Another of those aspects to highlight is the duration of the battery that can get to them 7 days of duration without load. One of them factors for the greater duration of the battery is the off automatic of the screen, that should be lit by pressing a button.

You can read more about this bracelet in the analysis of the Fitbit CHARGE HR . You can buy the bracelet Fitbit Charge HR in Amazon | 140,00 €.

One of the best smart bracelets of the moment, with a great guarantee of operation.

Fitbit arises [approx. €200,00]★★★☆☆

Smart bracelet more complete Fitbit, is the Fitbit arises bracelet.

A wristband that has what you can find in the Flex, HR Charge, and also with GPS. A device that measures them steps, you count steps, calories, and also can measure distances and routes with your GPS.

  • Screen,
  • Heart rate monitor,
  • and GPS.

A device that is closer to being a smartwatch than a smartband. Perhaps it “worse” is the design something coarse and bulky, but that with their different sensors it makes quite functional.

Its biggest drawback, its price, since the bracelet of Fitbit emerges has a price in black from €199,00.

Fitbit high [less € 150,00] ★★★★★

Fitbit continues betting by improve the market of the smartband, in few months brought to the market the Fitbit high, as said the ad, “probably the best smartband of the market” (if not outside by a small detail).

Aesthetically this smart bracelet is the best on the market; It is designed to go unnoticed or combine with our costume (you can choose between 5 colors).

Due to a new system called SmarTrack, Fitbit’s patented can choose details of your physical activity. Not only if you practice running, but also other sports like tennis, soccer and cycling.

Two advantages of the Fitbit high is your monitor of sleep, and your complete application to collect data on your activity and then make statistics.

If that weren’t enough, in addition bracelet will be alert to warn you if you lead a sedentary life, and it will motivate you to exercise (even get up from the Chair).

All that you can see in us small screen touch of 0.75 inch. We see him missing to this bracelet, is not carrying an integrated heart rate monitor, it is a pity. On the other hand, bracelet battery gives us an independence of about five days.

You can find smart bracelet Fitbit high at Amazon | €139,00 (three sizes).