Finow X 3 Plus Buy: Android 5.1 on a Nondescript Smartwatch

The idea behind a Smartwatch was, so far, that it is linked to a Smartphone, because it always has this. This logic is equipped with a fallacy: because the Smartwatch carrying a Smartphone can become superfluous. The Finow X 3 plus combined so both devices.

That is waiting for you

The Finow X 3 plus is a Smartwatch with a screen diagonal of 1.3 inches and a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. Underneath a Mediatek MTK6580 is processor with four cores and up to 1.3 GHz. The memory is 1 GB, the Flash memory 8 GB. Android 5.1 is installed. Because you can insert a SIM card, the Smartwatch can largely do without Smartphone.

You can take up to check your messages, notes, which include steps and measure the pulse. The Smartwatch is supplied by four screws, a screwdriver, an on loading dock, a USB cable and a manual. The integrated battery pack has a capacity of 450 mAh.

In addition to the usual features, the device also using GPS can focus. Thus never loses it’s out of sight, which is straight, what may be of interest to the evaluation of sporting activities.

Now on sale

You can plus the Finow X 3 order cheap at Gearbest. The online mail order traders want 90,56 EUR for it.