Finow Q1 Smartwatch Analysis

Pros: ★ Compatible iOS and Android ★ functionality ★ Android 5.1 SIM card GPS Wi-Fi wireless charging ★ ★

Cons: ✢ duration battery ✢ lack back button

We have analyzed different watches smart in our web. But this model watch android is one of the most complete and functional, it’s like carrying a smartphone on your wrist. He Finow Q1 with Android 5.1 you will allow make many things, including play to Pokemon Go, you it have then.

Thanks to the Gearbest shop we have been tested for a few days this Chinese clock. And you can count its virtues, and as not, some of its defects.

So you do to the idea is it more similar to carry a phone in your doll, a clock with Android 5.1 with which can do almost of all.

Design and characteristics of the Finow Q1

You can tell that several friends have confused the Finow Q1 with a Apple Watch on my wrist. He style rectangular and with a good finish it is very similar to the watch of Apple. But their similarities will remain in it aesthetic.

The full dimensions of the clock are: 3.90 x 4.60 x 1.30 cm; and the weight approximately of 90 grams (not be perceived weight in the wrist).

He clock so only has a button physical on the side, that serves to turn off, restore, and disconnect of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth quickly.

The belt of silicone us seems of quite quality respect to others watches Chinese, e even its setting is quite comfortable.


The Finow Q1 capacitative touch screen has dimensions of 1.54 inch, and a resolution of 320 x 320 (Apple Watch 38 mm has a resolution of 272 x 340 pixels).

An of them features main is the hardness of your screen, antiralladuras and punches.

Can set the clock to with a simple twist of wrist the screen is active. The display illumination can also change easily.

In the street we had good visibility of the same, that if, at the highest level of brightness if we are in full sun.

You have different Watch Face where choice, and even if you connect to the internet have a selection added to the existing ones.

Technical characteristics

This smartwatch exceeds to many phones in the market (if, phones) as regards capacity of memory with GPS featured on

With S.O. Android 5.1, MTK6580, 1. 3 GHz Quad Core processor, and the most important 1 GB of Ram and 8 GB of ROM memory. Not you can add card of memory external.

With this processor and Ram you can “throw” perfectly for viewing videos, run apps, etc. In addition, with its 8GB (slightly less real) can include lots of music to listen to (plays mp3) with your bluetooth headphones.

With regard to sensors have: GPS and pedometer.