Filip: Children Smartwatch Total Monitoring

The startup company, Evado Filip wants in a Smartwatch soon especially for children on the market bring. The clock called Filip is allegedly equipped with a homing beacon and a telephone.
By wearing the watch in Filip left concerned parents in touch with their children. A puristic design the clock it to fit, so at least the plan, in the life of four to eleven. Filip hours will vary especially to those parents who want to endow their children with an own phone.

Children tracking made easy

The actual core function of Filip Smartwatch is does not display the time, but a comprehensive positioning function. To do this, the watch contains three different systems. This way, you can find, in addition, the device supports the detection cell and Wi-Fi Filip clock via GPS. The Filip app for iOS and Android can also determine security zones in which a child can keep up. The child leaves the predefined zone, beats her app alarm and immediately informed about the exact location of the child. As well, children can be also manually track about the app.

Built-in telephone

In an emergency, the child via the built-in alarm button could find immediate contact with his parents. While Filip hour passes the location of the child to the app, at the same time the clock calls up to five phone numbers. Nobody should decrease at the other end, the emergency call is selected automatically. In addition, the Filip Smartwatch allegedly absorbs the environment of the child via microphone. Parents could set off the emergency alarm on the app. Want the child simply my phone call with his parents, works also on the clock.

Food calls via Smartwatch

In addition, the Smartwatch delivers a short message service for parents to communicate with their children. So have sent short messages such as “Dinner’s ready” or “Come home” to the children. Children their parents can post any messages about the watch.

Little details known

Still silent is the manufacturer Evado Filip Filip watch for more details. Neither the price nor the date of launch is currently known. Also the battery life of the watch is still uncertain. The case of the watch should be safe from water and sand. Also, the device is low-radiation and fulfill applicable regulations of the FCC Agency.  (cma)