Features and Benefits of Apple Watch

Apple Watch, a Smartwatch with Android wear, a sports watch or extends a Fitnesstracker? The selection of wearables is great – and it grows enormously. So that you get not the wrong gadget for your wrist, explaining that what piece portable technology is suitable for which type of this overview.

The Apple Watch is here. And not just iPhone owners are wondering whether the Smartwatch from Cupertino is the right gadget for you. A legitimate question. Because there are many wearables that depending on what you’re up to them better might be suitable for you as the Smartwatch from Cupertino.

You’re in the gym

Who train a lot in the gym and there in detail and not just generally as a workout wants to record the various exercises, which should once the Fitbit surge look. The sports and fitness watch is different between 16 sports, including typical Studio workouts such as spinning, weight lifting, cross trainers, steppers but also Yoga, Pilates, tennis and Kickboxing. While the Fitbit surge is intended not only for the gym, there is a wearable, which is explicitly designed for the use in the gym with the Gymwatch.

You are doing outdoor sports

In team sports wearables are generally less attached. Who sweats but out there alone, wants its activities not only track, but for a good workout on his current performance values are kept up to date. The Garmin Forerunner 220 is suitable for example for joggers, missed the track via GPS and displays the measured values of a connected pulse belt. The TomTom runner cardio measures your heart rate at the wrist, also has a GPS receiver and is suitable as a TomTom MultiSport cardio also for cyclists and swimmers. The already mentioned Fitbit surge with their heart rate monitor and GPS receiver is of course also here in question.

You want to count your steps

Who wants to count his steps in the first place, which faces a wide range of fitness trackers at prices between 20 and 400 euros. Cheap devices include the Pocket clips zip and one fitbit and the portable as bracelet misfit Flash and jawbone UpMove. Band of Xiaomi, which become quite many dealers in Germany offer the MI is also cheap, but much chic as a bracelet. Considerably more expensive, but also presentable Pedometers are the Fitbit Flex, the jawbone Up24, Fitbit batch, the Garmin Vivofit and the Runtastic orbit. Who wants to hide his Fitnesstracker elegant in a wristwatch with a right movement, you should take a look at the Withings activité. That you can wear well with the suit, have to spend but also 400 euros. As version without the leather strap and stainless steel housing, the Withings activité costs significantly less pop with 150 euro.

You want to log your food and count steps

In this case, the app is more important than the wearable. Because steps count even a Smartphone – if not too just like the bracelets. The fitness trackers offer an extensive food database that is adapted also to Germany for example, jawbone and Fitbit. So you can read for example many products above the bar code on the package. In addition, numerous food apps available for iOS and Android which allow to partially with a connect the pedometer.

You want to track activities and include steps throughout the day

The Fitbit surge is so far the only sports watch, which you can carry not only for logging activities, but all day on your wrist remains as Fitnesstracker. Its battery life is a week – as long as it does not turn on the GPS. When the location feature is enabled, you should run the marathon in less than five hours, as otherwise the battery of the fitness watch to the end. You turning a blind eye, then you could sort a orbit in this category still the Runtastic, because he also provides you with current information while jogging. The Fitnesstracker is one of your daily steps though, but the run data be Runtastic app on your Smartphone.

You want to measure all day about your meds

If you belong to the people, who want to have the heartbeat at a glance not only in sports, but rather want to log the pulse over the entire course of the day, then there are also for this purpose the best wearable: Fitbit has with the surge and the HR charge two devices with HR sensor in the range that are compatible with iOS and Android. The Microsoft tape can be used also as the owner of a Windows phone, the Apple Watch provides only iPhone owners with heart rate data.

You’ve got a Smartphone with Windows phone

As owner of a Smartphone with Windows phone, so far there is no way on the Microsoft band passes, if you want to wear a Smartwatch. The other models work only with IOS and Android devices, which Microsoft is working feverishly at least for the watches by Pebble on a support of its mobile operating system. If there must be no full-blown Smartwatch, you can take also a look at Fitbit’s products offered by your app for Windows phone and whose wearables can be read out via USB receiver directly on the computer or Smartphone.

You have an Android Smartphone and want your smart home control

Owners of Android smartphones can run Android wear a comparatively wide range of Smartwatches that they keep abreast not only about incoming notifications, but also actions and remotely even gadgets in the home furnishings. The current generation of watches the round Motorola include Moto 360 and LG G watch R, as well as the noble LG watch urban and the soon available Huawei watch. The ASUS Zenwatch Samsung gear live and the Sony Smartwatch 3 have a rectangular housing.

You’ve got an iPhone

The selection of Smartwatches for iPhone owners is relatively small–yet. Currently, only the Apple Watch and the four different models of Pebble to the selection available. And of course the clock from Cupertino both visually software ideally fits to the Smartphone. But Pebble also boasts an elegant design and good software. Also Google should work supposedly hard to make Android wear compatible with iOS. Then also iPhone owners could choose a model from the great deals at Smartwatches with the Google operating system.

Your Smartphone will send you notifications on your wrist

Sports watches and Fitnesstracker can show apart from a few exceptions, no notifications from your Smartphone. There remains only the handle to a correct Smartwatch with Android wear, to the Apple Watch or the Pebble. The few exceptions include the smart tape talk from Sony, which not only tells you, who just calls, but also informed of incoming SMS, E-Mails and chat messages.

You want to make a call on your wrist

If you want even more get your phone out of your pocket to make phone calls, then the Apple Watch, the Sony is smart band talk, the Samsung gear S and the Huawei talk band B2 the right wearables for you. The Apple Watch is doing but just for iPhone owners. The gear S requires no Smartphone, as you insert the SIM card into the Smartwatch. When the talk band, you take out the display as a Bluetooth headset from the bracelet and put it in your ear.

Your Smartwatch is to work on iOS and Android

The Pebble, Pebble Steel, time of Pebble and Pebble Time Steel are currently the only Smartwatches that both with iOS and are compatible with Android – and soon also with Windows phone. The devices work with Android wear only with Android smartphones, the Apple Watch need an iPhone. However, usually an app play store by Google and Apple’s app store to download is available for the pure Fitnesstracker.

You don’t find yourself among these types? Then write to us in the comments what you want to use a wearable.