e-Strap Montblanc Watch Band

The first feeling with the e-Strap Montblanc are not positive: does anyone really pay 250 euros for this?

Earlier this month the company Montblanc surprised us all with your e-Strap, a new way of understanding the smartwatch and how we should interact with them.Basically, the e-Strap involved placing all the intelligence of the smartwatch on the belt rather than on the dial, so we could keep both a classic and elegant design with some worthy features of a smartwatch. In addition, this also would “provide intelligence” to any watch that we already had, because the strap was perfectly interchangeable.

We must recognize that the concept sounded great in practice and certainly do not deny that it can get to have your audience, but the first tests with the product have not left a good feeling. Yes, like LED watches listed on Centralledwatch, the e-Strap adds minimally some of the most popular functions of a smartwatch as receive messages and notifications , but does so in a package that is not at all attractive.

The first problem that strikes the eye is the thickness of the module of e-Strap. It is not hidden, we dare we even say it is not even comfortable. Its thickness practically resembles the watch case , which causes a “sandwich effect” when we tied to our wrist.

The second problem is the resolution of the tiny screen of the e-Strap: 0.9 inches and a resolution of 128 x 36 pixels. Yes, we knew that the screen was small and monochrome, but certainly showed Montblanc renderings do not do justice to the screen that we have seen in recent photographs. Clearly a 0.9 inch screen need not have a Retina resolution, but looking at her reminds us the typical calculator screens does a disservice to your design.

The LED screen of the e-Strap is 0.9 inches and has a resolution of 128 x 36 pixels

Of course, the e-Strap is not a standalone device, the application requires iOS or Android if we want to customize messages or notifications show. As we see inMacRumors, the price of this product make it not too attractive: $ 250. If we consider that many full smartwatch worth less than that-here we leave a good list-not augur too optimistic for this foray into the world of Montblanc LED smart watches future.