Download: Design of the Flying Watches of Breitling and IWC

Download now for 1.90 euro and get to know the design of the two brands

Pilot watches are produced by numerous watch brands. But there are very different interpretations of the design, because a watch does not have to meet specific characteristics in order to be considered as such. Both Breitling and IWC can look back on a long tradition in pilot watch production, but the design of their models differs greatly. Download the article here and get to know the uneven pilot watch design by Breitling and IWC!

The watch manufacturer IWC is always guided by the design of new pilot watches on its icon of 1940: The Great Watch. However, the current models also have a variety of functions, such as chronographs, world clocks and some have perpetual calendars. Read more about IWC’s flying watches in the Chronos article – download here for 1.90 euro.

Breitling, the Manufactory from Switzerland, follows a different concept for its pilot watch production. As with IWC, there is an icon, but today it is almost still being built unchanged. It is the Breitling Navitimer, which 1952 came on the market. But Breitling also offers its customers other pilot watch collections. There are models that follow the current trends with their design as well as watches, the design of which is even more reminiscent of the military style. Get the article for 1.90 euros and discover the different design of the Breitling Avenger and the Breitling Chronomat.

Download the Chronos article for 1.90 euro and learn all about the design of the pilot watches!

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