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Argentina is a unique country in many ways: some fascinating, some annoying, some curious. In the latter group is the time zone time governing the country. Almost the entire Argentine territory is within the time zone -4 (four zones to the left of Greenwich), and a small fraction -5. Argentina does not have territory in the spindle -3.But I suppose you have already guessed where the country is has not been considered too important fact when deciding what time to use. Thus, the whole country is governed by -3 spindle, which does not even touch Argentine territory. How it came to this nonsense? The story is simple and includes a curious succession of errors.

The Argentina joined the global system of spindles times in 1920. At that time, considering that almost all the territory is in the spindle -4, President Irigoyen takes it to the Argentina official time.

Ten years later, in 1930, Argentina began to adopt the -habitual policy elsewhere in the world to advance the time during the summer to get more sunlight. The summer time continued intermittently became operational until 1969, when the de facto government of General Onganía that time has not changed. But makes one little mistake: instead of returning when the spindle -4, leaves the Argentina permanently in summer time … even in winter!

Only five years after Peron’s government retakes the summer time change, but knowing that the time was already under way. And decides to further advance the time, placing the country during the summer in the spindle -2. That’s two full spindles displaced corresponding to the location of the territory, three for the western provinces. To appreciate the absurdity, the adopted daylight saving time in the West when the clock struck noon solar-was 9 am. At such times the time in Bariloche It was the same as in the islands of the west coast of Africa!

From that moment, change summer time and annulled recovered intermittently, but no one ever amend the error generated by these two decisions. When there is no change, Argentina is in the spindle -3, which has no territory. When summer time is adopted (last time was in 2008) it is in the -2, which is more than a thousand kilometers of our coast.

Argentina is not the only country with eccentricities time. India, Venezuela and other nations chose a time zone and a half , so that their difference with others is not exact times, but in and half hours. And until World War II Netherlands he had an hour and twenty.

China, with all its breadth, has only one time zone, creating a distortion in some areas such as Argentina. The most extreme situation occurs at the boundary between China and Afghanistan, where just across the border 3 hours of difference! In Europe, Spain is another country that uses a time zone in which it has no territory, though less remote than ours.

In conclusion, there are several oddities when it comes time, including several countries with part of their adopting zones farther east than the sun dictate surface. But perhaps nothing exceeds the Argentina decision to adopt as official time a spindle on which is not a shred of territory and occasionally another time over a thousand kilometers away.So we can boast of having the widest river, the longest and now more absurd when the avenue.