Constant: Horological Smartwatch 2.0

New Smart watch with extended range of functions.

Frédérique constant was one of the first Swiss watch brands to respond to the Baselworld 2015 on the trend wave that the Apple Watch had triggered. The result was the Horological Smart watch. Now we have a new version with extended functionality in five variants. At the same time, a model is also being launched in several versions for women.

According to timeDictionary, the Horological smart watch first looks like a normal wristwatch and can be used in this way. The time is automatically set when you connect to the smart phone and changes itself when you enter a new time zone.

The built-in quartz module MMT-282 offers in combination with an app “smart functions”: The Daily activity (the distance travelled, the calorie consumption and the number of steps) is recorded and a scale in the Dial center shows the clock on If you have already reached your personal goal. At night, it documents waking and sleeping phases. If you then set the sleep phase alarm, you are awakened at the right time within your own sleep cycle.

The new version does not have a pointer date anymore, there is now a notification function: On the smart phone you first create a list of important contacts; When a call or text message arrives from one of these contacts on the smart phone, the clock vibrates and the pointers move to the appropriate symbol on the dial border. The dial comes in various colors such as black, silver or blue. It sits in a 42 mm stainless steel case (795 euro), which is gold-clad (995 euro) on request. mg

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