Connect Smartwatch to Mobile Phone – So It Works

If you want to connect your Smartwatch to your mobile phone, it is possible under Android as well as iOS. In this practice, we will show you how to do it.

Android: Smartwatch Connect to your phone
In the following instructions, an Android Smartwatch is connected to an Android smartphone. Unfortunately, an Apple Watch cannot be used with an Android smartphone.
1. Connect your smartphone to a wireless network and connect the Smartwatch to a power source.
2. Turn on the Smartwatch, open the “Settings” app on your smartphone and activate the Bluetooth function.
3. Now download and run the Android Wear app.
4. You will now see two codes on your smartphone and Smartwatch. If they match, tap on “pairing”.
5. Now the two devices are connected. You can then set up the Smartwatch from the app.
iOS:Smartwatch Connect to iphone
Android-Smartwatches can now also be used with the iphone. To connect an Apple Watch to the iphone, follow these instructions.
1. Open the “Settings” app on your iphone and activate the Bluetooth feature above.
2. Now download and run the Android Wear app from the App Store.
3. Now we are looking for a Smartwatch. This then displays a code on the display.
4. Enter the code in the app, mobile phone and Smartwatch are connected.